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Fire Science

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The Fire Science Working Team (FSWT) is comprised of the wildland fire science specialists from the member agencies. Each agency, whether a state or province as full members, or federal or city agencies as associate members, have one seat on the Fire Science Working Team. The FSWT reports to the Operations Committee and is responsible for formulating fire science related plans and ensuring that the work plans are carried out. They work very closely with the Executive Director to oversee and manage their grant allocations and carry out their business. They are assigned a liaison from the Operations Committee in order to form good communications and guidance from the Operations Committee.

The Fire Science Working Team meets or has a conference call once every quarter in order to coordinate, manage, monitor and conduct their business. They are responsible for developing, coordinating and managing the Compact's Remote Automated Weather Stations and support the member agency fire weather programs. The FSWT typically meets with members of the National Weather Service annually in order to keep good lines of communications and to inform NWS of specific weather forecasting needs for wildland fires and prescribed fires.

The FSWT also works closely with the North Atlantic Fire Science Exchange in order to stay informed of new research and new concepts that will enhance forest fire management. The FSWT provides training on the use of the Quick Deploy RAWS, the National Fire Danger Rating System (NFDRS) standards in the U.S. and the fire danger rating system used in Canada. Training is also provided to develop and maintain staff with fire behavior prediction skills for use on fire incidents and prescribed burns

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