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Established in 1949, the Northeastern Forest Fire Protection Compact (NFFPC) promotes effective prevention and control of forest fires in the Northeastern United States and adjacent areas in Canada.

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Overview of the Compact

The Northeastern Forest Fire Protection Commission (commonly called the Northeast Compact) is the pioneer forest fire protection compact in the United States. Its mandate is to provide the means for its U.S. member states and Canadian provinces to cope with fires that might be beyond the capabilities of a single member through information, technology and resource sharing (mutual aid) activities.

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Agencies in Compact

The Compact area comprises 7 states and 5 provinces as full members. The U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. National Park Service, Fire Department of New York City (FDNY), and Bureau of Indian Affairs are associate members. The governing body of the Compact is the Northeastern Forest Fire Protection Commission.

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Operations Committee - Québec 2022

Compact Management

The NFFPC is managed by a group of Commissioners selected by the agencies they represent, an Executive Committee composed of officers elected by the Commission annually, and an Operations Committee that consists of the fire supervisors in charge of the fire program within each member agency.

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Compact Working Teams

The NFFPC is comprised of 7 working teams: Audit Committee, Equipment and Technology, Fire Science, Forest Health, Prevention and Education, Resource Sharing, and Training.

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Northeastern Interagency Coordination Center

The Northeastern Interagency Coordination Center (NECC) operates under a signed cooperative agreement between the Northeastern Forest Fire Protection Compact (NFFPC) and multiple federal agencies. Its mission is to provide safe, cost effective, and timely coordination of resources for Wildland Fire and All Hazard Incidents. NECC will coordinate with all Northeastern Forest Fire Protection Compact agencies to meet organizational objectives in an equitable manner while maintaining support for Local, Geographical, and National needs. 

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