Northeast AD Hub Program

The Northeast AD Hub Program sponsors 200+ Administratively Determined (AD) Casual Hire Emergency Responders consisting of both U.S. Forest Service and State sponsored individuals. U.S. Department of the Interior agencies do not currently participate in the AD Hub. The Northeast AD Hub is one of four AD Hubs within the Eastern Region AD Program. Casual Hires are utilized locally, regionally, and nationally to help support incident response.


AD Paperwork Walkthrough
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DOI - AD Pay Plan (2024)
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Forest Service AD Pay Plan (2024)
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Forest Service Casual Hire Travel Process
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Incident Payment Procedures 2021
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Job Aid 2024
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Northeast AD Hub Program Formal Letter 2024
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Northeast AD Hub Sponsorship Guide 2024
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Casual Hire Forms

7100-184 Driver's Application
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Casual Hire Form (PMS934)
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Defensive and Distracted Driving Training
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Direct Deposit
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Emergency Notification Information Form
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I-9 - 2024
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Incident Behavior Form (PMS935)
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OF-288 Incident Time Report
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Sponsorship Application 2024
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Vendor Code Form
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W-4 2024
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Mobilization Forms

AD Travel Worksheet 2024
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CTR Fillable
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Extension Form
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2024 Northeast AD Hub Refresher
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2023 Northeast AD Hub Refresher
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