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Operations Committee

Operations Committee flowchart

Goals and Objectives


Implement and direct Compact business under the direction of the Commission.


  • Establish administration guidelines and procedures for the Compact based on sound fiscal principles.
  • Provide direction to working teams.
  • Prepare an annual budget for Commissioners' review and approval.
  • Provide administrative guidance to the Executive Director.
  • Seek out grants and other supplemental funding sources.


Support each member agency, individually and as a Compact, in maintaining an effective forest fire control capability (preparedness).


  • Support each member agency, individually and as a Compact, in maintaining an effective forest fire control capability.
  • Share information and resources relative to wildland fire within and outside the Compact.
  • Support agency plans that incorporate the necessary methods and procedures for implementing mutual aid to other Compact agencies and shall be so written as to provide ready incorporation into a Compact Plan.
  • Provide leadership in the development and implementation of programs that recognizes the changing role of fire in forest resource management.
  • Implement and encourage continuing interagency level training programs designed to maintain and enhance the skills and efficiencies of forest fire control personnel.
  • Review and report, at least once every five (5) years, the Compact's ability to provide mutual aid and other wildland fire assistance to member agencies and other cooperators.
  • Keep member agencies apprised of the newest fire management techniques developed by other agencies, the federal or provincial governments and other organizations.
  • Serve as a forum for the exchange of information, emerging issues, developing technologies, organizational changes and other important activities that impact the member agencies.


Support member agencies in maintaining an effective fire prevention program.


  • Establish and maintain a Compact Wildland Fire Prevention Education Team.
  • Develop and utilize prevention materials prepared for Compact-wide use.
  • Provide Compact-wide training in fire prevention techniques
  • Provide continuing support for "Smokey Bear" and similar agency prevention campaigns.
  • Develop, acquire and implement new, innovative and effective wildland fire prevention programs for the member agencies and the Compact.
  • Define and develop the Compact role with respect to prescribed fire, (use, role, standards, etc).


Establish and maintain close liaison with other compacts and cooperating agencies.


  • Facilitate the free exchange of information between compacts and cooperating agencies.
  • Maintain a state of the art web site to meet members' needs.
  • Provide an Annual Report to other compacts.
  • Provide Compact representation for Regional and National working groups and committees.


Provide the means for member agencies and cooperating partners to manage fires that might be beyond the capabilities of their respective agency.


  • Establish and maintain a pool of at least 8 Complex Incident Management Course (CIMC) trained individuals that can function as a team.
  • Support and promote the development of ICS in the Compact Provinces.
  • Develop and maintain a resource inventory of equipment and human resources within the Compact.
  • Establish standard agreements for resource sharing between Compacts for both wildland and prescribed fire.
  • Provide effective mobilization of NE Fire Compact member wildland fire management resources, both within and outside the Compact.


Maintain a full complement of active commissioners who take an active and participatoryrole in Compact activities.


  • In addition to regularly scheduled Compact meetings, each Fire Supervisor shall meet annually with the other Commissioners of their agency to discuss Compact matters.
  • Commissioner vacancies will be filled as rapidly as possible.
  • New Commissioners will be provided a briefing package and other information concerning the Compact mission.
  • Commissioners will be provided timely information on Compact activities including training and executive meeting notices and ongoing and proposed program activities.
  • Each Fire Supervisor will provide an Annual Report on Compact activities to the Governor and the legislative body of their respective agency.
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