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FHWT flowchart

The Forest Health Working Team (FHWT) is comprised of insect and disease specialists from the member agencies. Each agency, whether a state or province as full members, or federal or city agencies as associate members, have one seat on the Forest Health Working Team.

The FHWT reports to the Operations Committee and is responsible for formulating forest health related plans and ensuring that the work plans are carried out. They work very closely with the Executive Director to oversee and manage their grant allocations and carry out their business. They are assigned a liaison from the Operations Committee in order to form good communications and guidance from the Operations Committee.


The Forest Health Working Team (FHWT) was formed to provide Compact members with support for forest insect and disease management activities or any other forest damaging events when supplies, personnel, technical assistance, or other resources are needed across state and provincial boundaries. The FHWT is comprised of NFFPC members from 7 states, 4 provinces, and 3 federal agencies. The FHWT takes direction from the Operations Committee.


  • Provide a quick response to the request for qualified personnel and resources when members are involved in large outbreaks or forest damaging events.
  • Maintain a list of qualified personnel and resources capable and approved for traveling across geopolitical boundaries to provide technical assistance.
  • Provide support to other NFFPC Working Teams as requested to achieve Compact goals regarding the management of large forest damaging events.
  • Provide training to member Agencies pertaining to current forest threats and logistics of large scale multi-jurisdictional management or control operations related to these threats.
  • Mobilize organized staff and/or crews from member agencies to help on delimiting surveys relating to insect and disease pests.
  • Mobilize organized staff and/or crews from member agencies to help with suppression, control, and management of insect and disease pests.
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