2019 Wildland Fire Management Course

Published on August 28, 2019 at 7:36 PM by Carl Parent

Announcing the 2019 ESRI Decision-Support Tools for Wildland Fire Management Course, sponsored by the Northeastern Forest Fire Protection Commission (NFFPC) and North Atlantic Fire Science Exchange (NAFSE).

Date: December 3-5, 2019

Location: Merry Manor Inn - Best Western, South Portland, ME

Please see the attached documents below for full course and registration information.

The deadline for submitting the names of candidates is October 25, 2019.

ESRI Mobile Applications for Wildland Fire Management

Collector has been updated significantly since the 2018 training. This one-day course will provide an excellent refresher for individuals used to Collector Classic and introduction for individuals new to Collector. This course will focus on Collector and Survey123 and may introduce additional tools (e.g. QuickCapture or Tracker) that can capture critical information to firefighter situational awareness.

Where is the fire located? What resources are deployed on the fire, and where? Where are the evacuation routes? What are the values at risk?

Participants will learn to capture, share, and display these data on mobile devices. This course will also involve a team-based field exercise.

Operationalizing ESRI Decision-Support Tools

Once you’ve collected spatial data on a fire, how do you read and make decisions based on that information? This course will delve into the computer-based GIS functionality behind data collection, analysis, and interpretation.

Participants will use these tools to track resources, assess changing fire behavior, predetermine tactics and strategies, produce key maps to support suppression operations, and measure progress toward meeting established objectives.

Get Ready for GISS

GIS Specialists (GISS) positions are critical to incident management, but there is a shortage of qualified GISSes available to Compact teams. This course will provide participants with the core skills needed to get on assignment as a GISS trainee.

(Note: S-341 is not a prerequisite to become a GISS unless you work for the USDA Forest Service or the State of California.)

This one-day course will prepare individuals to take S-341, which is offered by NWCG and is very competitive to attend.

ESRI Decision-Support Tools Training Announcement 2019
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