The Northeast Compact is soliciting nominations for the Tom Parent - NFFPC Outstanding Service Award. This is an official award, renamed in 2020 to honour Tom Parent’s contribution to the NFFPC. The award may be presented to one or all the following categories: individuals, organizations, and media. This award is typically announced and distributed to the recipient at the NFFPC Winter Awareness Meeting.

The purpose of the award is to recognize those who have made outstanding contributions in wildfire management. These efforts include, but are not limited to wildfire prevention, training, equipment, educational activities, forest management, law enforcement, journalism, media coverage, advertising campaigns, research, and development.

Please review the award criteria (outlined in the file below), and distribute the information within your organization. Please forward nominations by December 3, 2021 to both the NFFPC Executive Director, Tom Brady ( and Deputy Executive Director, Eric Earle (